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When you, or your loved ones need emergency doctor help, you need to get to the nearest emergency room in your location immediately and seek medical assistance. Find the best emergency care closest to you – hospital or clinic.

24 Hrs Round The Clock Emergency Care

The last thing you want is that you need to schedule an appointment with the clinic for critical situation. When the situation is life threatening, you need to get to the hospital near you immediately. Every seconds count.

Find Nearby Emergency Hospital That Open Now

Find round the clock immediate medical care in your nearest hospital with facilities that handle emergency life threatening situation.

Free Help To Locate ER Room And Review

Free online ER directory to quickly help search for a list of good emergency room providers and doctors in your area. The listed emergency rooms and hospitals are open 24/7 and whole year round.

What Is The Emergency Room Cost

How much it costs for a person to visit the emergency clinic? You need to be aware that the cost of visiting an ER versus a standard clinic are different. The price of each visit to ER can easily set you back by $300 at least. The cost will be higher if your consultation requires the use of expensive equipment, or if there is any surgery involve.

An Emergency Room Vs A Walk-In Clinic

Are you aware of when to choose the emergency room or the walk-in clinic to meet your medical trauma needs? If you are having chest pain or trouble breathing, which would be the most beneficial to choose? Choosing the most suitable may seem irrelevant considering both will offer medical care, but it is essential that the correct facility is chosen to receive the best care possible. Below are a few tips on considerations to make to ensure you make the best choice.

Consideration #1: The Severity Of The Injury

The first point to consider when choosing which medical facility to use is the severity of the injury. If the emergency involves difficulty breathing, chest pain or a case of severe bleeding, it is highly recommended that you opt for the emergency room. One of the primary differences between this emergency medical facility and the walk-in clinic is that the professionals will not always agree on what constitutes an emergency. What may be an emergency to you, may not be an emergency to another individual or a professional.

Consideration #2: The Time In Which The Patient Is Seen

Another vital difference between the emergency room and the walk-in clinic is the time in which the patients are seen. In the ER, all patients will undergo a triage assessment procedure to determine whether or not they require immediate assistance. The triage involves the patient being attended to by a nurse, EMT or paramedic who will take note of their name, the history of the emergency and the vital signs. Once obtained, the emergency will be prioritized accordingly.

ERs often present with limited rooms, so it is essential that the paramedic or EMT prioritizes accurately for patients with severe injuries to be treated first. For example, a patient presenting with a sore throat will receive lower priority than one with severe lacerations. Waiting for a triage procedure can be tiresome, but it is necessary to ensure that lives are saved. Walk-in clinics are preferred if you are not willing to wait and do not have high priority emergency cases.

Consideration #3: Do Not Anticipate Further Medical Treatment

One of the reasons why a person would benefit more from a walk-in clinic is if they do not anticipate receiving further medical treatment. By further medical treatment, we mean treatments such as CT scans, surgery, breathing procedures or even CPR. When heading to an emergency clinic, you will be seen according to a triage system and provided with the different types of treatment as required. A walk-in clinic does not offer this as the personnel do not typically have medical training and tend to provide basic treatment from a single doctor.

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